Paternity Test

Paternity Test

If you have suspicions about the paternity of your child you can get out of your doubt. A simple and cheap test with more than 99,9% certainty that will show you if the child belongs to you.


€245 ONLY!!!


This kit is available to purchase by phone or online. Price shown includes kit + lab fee. For customer anywhere in Greece there is an extra €20 charge for shipping expenses (to and from the customer). If you want to purchase by phone please call us on +357 25 00 3858

  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • Confidential (securely encrypted online access)
  • Test is for one (1) child + one (1) possible father + the biological mother (mothers participation optional, but recommended)
  • Only at-home testing. Legal testing is not available
  • Results available by email or by mail

Kit Contents:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Consent form
  • Cheek swabs for DNA collection (possible father, child, biological mother - optional)
  • Storage envelopes for DNA samples

Results Back:

  • In just ten (10) days after receipt of samples at the lab